The road ahead, part two for Loss and Beauty

If I can summon the strength the road ahead winds through Poland, Ukraine, and into Latvia and Lithuania. It seems as if all the work I have created to this point is the barest preparation for what lies ahead. The Bloodlands of Europe have been silent for too long. I simply want to add my voice to the conversation. I want to say in my small way that the propensity for violence and hatred must stop. We must examine our darkness if we want to create tolerance and true brotherhood.   

I will write more about this as the time to travel draws near. For now I will turn my attention to the Premier of Loss and Beauty in Arizona at The Art Gallery 4. 

Warning: this link contains deeply disturbing images.

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  1. Rosemary Mackall says:

    Sorry I can’t be with you at the opening but you are in my heart. Congratulations. Love, Aunt Rosie

  2. RYN CLARKE says:

    The images break my heart but give me hope. Thank you for doing this!

    • admin says:

      Dear Ryn,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I am in Arizona, opening the premier exhibit for Loss and Beauty. I’m excited, but mostly I am gratified by the outpouring of support, like yours! Warmth and gratitude, Keron

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"Loss and Beauty is a literary work of photography based on Holocaust survivor's diaries. But it is also a uniquely involving visual experience, one that uses masterfully merged photographs to draw one in, establish and hold a mood and ultimately tell a story. Importantly, the work also asks each viewer a searching and timeless question: Can profound loss by addressed by beauty? Keron Psillas' answer, in her deeply realized book and exhibit, is yes."
- Sam Abell