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I’ve been the beneficiary of a tremendous outpouring of support at nearly every turn on this journey. The latest kindness? I’ve just left the home of a dear friend that agreed to help me create my video for the fundraising campaign. We spent three days polishing the brief script, discussing and polishing again, and shooting on two occasions. To say that I am happy with the result is an understatement. But mostly I am happy with the process.

The benefits of having a collaborator are many. The camaraderie carries you through lulls, a kind but critical eye helps to refine your vision, and a fresh viewpoint expands the possibilities for the world you are creating. It also helps to affirm the the worth of a project for an artist working, necessarily, in solitary pursuit.

The new author photo was made on a blustery afternoon between snow bursts. I think it invokes cold, isolation, and introspection. Though I am thousands of miles away, my mind and heart return to Eastern Europe, undoubtedly the source of some sadness in the image.

Keron Psillaswith gratitude to Honey Lazar

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"Loss and Beauty is a literary work of photography based on Holocaust survivor's diaries. But it is also a uniquely involving visual experience, one that uses masterfully merged photographs to draw one in, establish and hold a mood and ultimately tell a story. Importantly, the work also asks each viewer a searching and timeless question: Can profound loss by addressed by beauty? Keron Psillas' answer, in her deeply realized book and exhibit, is yes."
- Sam Abell