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Attending the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz Attending the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

I left Poland and traveled to Prague to continue my work after attending the 70th Anniversary Commemoration of the Liberation of Auschwitz. Even with the air travel, finding my loft in Prague and revisiting a city that I love, my thoughts returned to Poland and to all I had experienced there.

I’ve posted this photo because it encompasses much of what I was feeling during those days. The stark contrast between the living and the dead, an uneasy juxtaposition emotionally and visually, is present in this image for me. The pensiveness I felt is present in the posture and expression of the woman in the red hat, while the image on the screen recalls the strong visual memory I have from countless books and films of the horror that was the Holocaust.

It’s hard to say “I’m happy” about any of this. But as an artist, I am satisfied. I wanted to create an image of the moment, and I believe I have.

As always, thank you for checking the blog. The work continues.

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  1. Marie Plakos says:

    You have definitely captured the feeling and the contrast. I love the 2 red hats and the blue strap that
    lead one into the layers.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Marie! I’m glad you picked up on those things. It was/is a challenge to convey the feeling of a place and the underlying tension that existed in this moment. Thank you for commenting! Keron

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"Loss and Beauty is a literary work of photography based on Holocaust survivor's diaries. But it is also a uniquely involving visual experience, one that uses masterfully merged photographs to draw one in, establish and hold a mood and ultimately tell a story. Importantly, the work also asks each viewer a searching and timeless question: Can profound loss by addressed by beauty? Keron Psillas' answer, in her deeply realized book and exhibit, is yes."
- Sam Abell