Praise for Loss and Beauty

I have received so many wonderful comments about the project and book. I am grateful for every single remark. I’ve created this page to post a few of the reviews sent to me by photographers. My peers. With gratitude and respect their thoughts are offered here:

From Eric Meola Loss and Beauty (click the link for the full text)


From Honey Lazar

You are not photographing the holocaust as much as singing a song of sorrow for what was lost, but with a melody that soars towards hope, love, and challenges us to look through the ashes of despair and retribution. For me, this work is unique from all other records of the Holocaust. While surely documenting the gates that we have seen countless times, your work holds life rather than ashes, screams, or Mengele’s horrors. You infused life where there was only the most horrid of torture. You speak for all victims of tyranny.

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